At FHIS, the deviation isn't something else as it is a part of our supervisory culture and gene. A migration that started in 2019 and has been enduring to influence us ahead even today. We acquiesce the vacation world because brilliant people empower our management. Aided to push the barriers, our employees are the ones who initiate the changes across. Inquisitive, inspired and forward-thinking, they evolve resolutions for problems that don't even survive yet. Here, we don't just bring in anybody, as not just anybody can top a transformation in the holiday industry. We help architect the industry through inventive services solutions for individuals as well as biz users, the holiday industry invariably develop, and FHIS needs candidates who can adapt to it. We seek for the assertive people, highly motivated to challenge the conditions and approach. An ingenious mind who can find the right explanation for any complications. We are always supposed to hunt people who can help FHIS reform business. We entrust the holiday world by obtaining people who solve for the forthcoming. Do you think that you are one of them? Our comprehensive team of 500+ representatives deliver consumers in multiple countries. Join our genius grid as soon as you can! Enlisting our talent network will enhance your position and function. Whether you choose to apply or inquire by leaving the contact details, we look forward to staying connected with you.


  • The aid of working at FHIS are boundless, from health and fitness to discount on our luxurious properties. At FHIS we believe that our trainees and employees deserve the finest as we forecast the best of them.


  • Our association enable our apprentices to acquire contrasting commodities on preferential terms. Mediclaim, providential funds, insurance, reimbursements are given to all the employees.


  • We endeavour a wide range of education as well as training opportunities. This consist of captive training, workshops, seminars, meetings and conferences. Your respective manager defines the next years' targets in the evaluation interviews and assessment sessions. We offer you fundamental skill training to set you ready for your objectives.


  • Adjustable working hours offered as a part of our flexitime model.


  • We at FHIS, think it is important you feel comfortable and pleasant from your very first day. The induction will help you grasp all about our company and get to know more about one of the most successful holidaymaker company in India.


  • At FHIS, we take exceptional care when choosing employees, since the right employees are the actual key to the success. So, you must ask yourself; Are you the perfect match for us and are we the perfect match for you? If in the case you resound as "yes" following you will find the way to apply.


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